Where to From Here?

In the coming documentation sections, you will learn the key concepts of the Newo.ai platform to understand how to set up your first digital employee. We’ll walk you through the basics of sending a message through a Sandbox chat to more complex integrations with the Active Knowledge Base.

You will also learn how to train the agent to conduct various types of conversations (technical support, onboarding of clients and employees, active sales, etc.).

The most advanced solutions will allow you to create an entire department of intelligent agents that will perform coordinated work with one another, involving the work of your (biological) employees, receiving tasks from them or, conversely, passing the baton to them.

An example of such work can be the step-by-step processing of a pipeline of hundreds of incoming client leads and hundreds of job candidates, conducting step-by-step onboarding of hundreds of new employees, or processing thousands of invoices or other documents.

Only imagination can stop you from engaging your new digital employees in work to relieve stress and workload from your biological employees, increase enterprise efficiency, and as a result, increase the satisfaction of your customers and improve the financial performance of the organization as a whole.

But let's take it one step at a time.