What Is the Difference Between Omni-… and Multi-…?

Omnichannel communication provides a seamless, integrated customer experience across all channels, whether online or offline, allowing information sharing from one channel to another. In contrast, multichannel communication involves using multiple channels to reach customers but operates them in silos.

Similarly, Omniflow and Omniuser refer to seamless, integrated tasks and data sharing across different flows and users if needed.

Omnichannel case: The agent collects payment details in the phone call (Channel 1) with Jennifer and seamlessly continues the payment conversation through an AI kiosk (Channel 2) when Jennifer enters the restaurant.

Omniflow case: The agent receives information about allergies from Michael during the pre-sale consultation (Flow 1) and seamlessly uses this information during the post-sale onboarding educational session (Flow 2).

Omniuser case: The agent agrees on birthday party preferences with Steven (User 1) and seamlessly uses this information during the follow-up call with Steven’s wife, Andy (User 2).