Industry Applications and Business Size Scope

Can an AI agent be used in any industry and are there any noticeable benefits when used by either a solopreneur or a large enterprise?

The short answer is: Yes and yes!

Here are just a few industries we’ve seen take full advantage of an AI agent:

  • Hospitality (Hotels, restaurants)
  • Consumer Retail (Various sectors)
  • Personal services (Wellness, beauty)
  • Finance (Banking)
  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Real estate (Transactions, property management)
  • Healthcare (Private practices)

Here are the business size scopes that have seen the most benefits from an AI agent (Spoiler alert: all business sizes have found AI agents tremendously useful):

  • Solopreneurs
  • Small businesses (Under 50 employees)
  • Medium businesses (50-250 employees)
  • Large businesses (250-1000 employees)
  • Enterprises (Over 1000 employees)
  • And beyond!