Other Terminology

Here are a few other key terms you will hear through this documentation:

  • Customer: An organization user of the Newo.ai platform, which creates its own intelligent agents on the Newo.ai platform.
  • User: An individual who communicates with the intelligent agents created by the customer. The User is represented in the Newo.ai platform by concepts such as User Persona and Actor.
  • Agent(s): These are the intelligent agents created on the Newo.ai platform. A single customer can create several agents within one account. The agent is represented in the Newo.ai platform by concepts such as Agent Persona and Actor.
  • Connectors: Services integrated into the Newo.ai platform for receiving data from external systems and for sending data to external systems.
  • Actors: Special entities in the Newo.ai platform. You can think of Actors as the contacts of one Person. For example:
    • Imagine a person calls from phone number 611-700-1234 and introduces themselves as Max.
    • Then imagine a person writes an email from the address [email protected].
    • Next, a person with the nickname Max1234 leaves a review for your business on Yelp.
    • Initially, your Newo.ai Agent will communicate with them as different people. But, later, from the conversation, it is confirmed that all three contacts belong to the same individual.
    • An Actor is someone who communicates through a specific connector. Thus, in the example above, 611-700-1234, [email protected], and Max1234 are the identifiers of three separate Actors. The Newo.ai platform creates a separate Persona for each of them upon first contact.
    • Later, if the identification process occurs and it becomes clear all three Actors are communication channels of the same individual, one of the personas (the first chronologically) is recognized as the Master Person, and the others as Related Persons. All data from Related Persons (message history, AKB, etc.) is added to the Master Person, and the Agent will now communicate with the Master Person using any of the most suitable Actors at the moment.