Platform Differentiation

Pure (unorchestrated) LLMs are not enough to create digital employees. That's precisely why the market today offers platforms for creating digital employees.

So, what is the distinction of the platform compared to other platforms?

  1. Omnichannel communication: At the forefront of's capabilities is the Newo Omnichannel Architecture (NOA). Unlike other platforms that require extensive development to link customer interactions across various channels, offers a pre-configured solution. It recognizes that Max calling from 611-700-1234 yesterday, emailing from [email protected] last month, and leaving a Yelp review as Max1234, is the same individual. This seamless integration of communication streams is a turnkey feature with NOA.
  2. Physical presence in business: excels in environments that require a physical presence, like a friendly robot greeter named Moxie. Right from the start, equips businesses with the ability to engage with clients face-to-face in settings like receptions, showrooms, and exhibitions – a critical function for entities with a brick-and-mortar footprint.
  3. Collaborative workflows: is designed to handle complex workflows. Take, for example, the mass recruitment for a retail chain, encompassing over a dozen steps (bulleted below). Descriptions of such pipelines apply to most corporate business processes, from sales funnels to employee onboarding, from processing financial documents to supply management. Programming such intricate workflows can be a lengthy process on other platforms and take months, but with, setting up these operations can be accomplished in weeks.
  • Searching for hundreds of candidates on various resources and collecting their contacts to place in the first column of a huge table (or creating a lead in CRM).
  • Preliminary checking of their CVs.
  • Calling candidates to find out if they are still looking for a job.
  • If so, schedule the first interview.
  • Conducting the first interview.
  • If successful, conduct a second interview.
  • Sending documents to be signed for a trial work period.
  • Coordinating the day and time for a trial workday.
  • Collecting feedback from the team leader about the quality of work on the first day.
  • If successful, send the main work documents.
  • Ensuring the documents are signed and sending necessary job descriptions and rules.
  • Checking the knowledge of job descriptions and rules.
  1. Newo Intelligent Flow (NIF) and Active Knowledge Base (AKB): Newo AKB, a unique vector database, doesn't just store corporate documents and communication histories. It also retains scenarios and work instructions – hence its designation as an Active Knowledge Base. By uploading job instructions to Newo AKB, you automatically revise the working scenarios of your digital employees, streamlining workflow adjustments without reprogramming.
  2. Voice command instructions: Following the innovative NIF, the platform supports modifying digital employee instructions via voice commands – an advanced feature that enhances managerial efficiency.
  3. Agent versioning tools: Built-in versioning tools within facilitate the release of new agent iterations to a limited audience for testing and refinement, streamlining the development process.
  4. Advanced event management: offers sophisticated event management capabilities, enabling agents to respond coherently to external events (like Yelp reviews or incoming calls) and internal business occurrences (such as in-house temperature changes or financial system updates).
  5. Advanced crawler management: The platform incorporates a unique system for collecting data from corporate sources, allowing customization of the depth of crawling, the parameters of zigzagging traversal of links and documents for static and dynamic corporate data sources (i.e., Confluence knowledge bases, multi-page PDF manuals and documentation, invoices, contracts, CSV format product nomenclatures, open Jira tickets, etc.). This is fundamentally necessary when building industrial intelligent agents so that when agents operate, you precisely know which of your documents have already been updated in the vector database and which have not.