Command Identifier List

Below are all current commandIdn's used within the SendCommand action. Further details of each, along with examples, can be found here.

  • magic_browser_command: Natural language command for the Magic browser bot. This command will tell the Magic Browser connector to perform the actions specified in the Custom Instructions field on the website. The response from the website will be sent back to the user through the "magic_browser_response" event.
  • magic_api_command: Natural language command for the Magic API bot.
  • magic_http_request: Send an HTTP request using cURL syntax.
  • set_timer: Set a one-time timer.
  • set_repeatable_time: Set a timer that fires repeatedly.
  • send_message: Send a text message using the Twilio Messenger integration.
  • make_call: Make a phone call using Vapi integration.