The SetManualAkb action adds a new topic to the AKB based on defined values.

  personaId: str,
  summary: str,
  facts: List[str],
  name: str | None = None,
  confidence: int | None = None,
  source: str | None = None,
  labels: List[str] | None = None


  • personaId: UUID of a specific user persona.
  • summary: Topic information you want to store in the AKB.
  • facts: Topic facts, which are used for fuzzy and semantic searches.
  • name: The name of the AKB topic.
  • confidence: A number from 1 to 100 indicating the percentage of confidence in the topic information (1 being the lowest and 100 being the highest confidence).
  • source: The name of the source of the AKB information, allowing you to later search for AKB topics based on its source.
  • labels: The labels you’re attaching to the AKB topics you're creating.


The below example creates a new item in the AKB with defined values.

{{SetManualAkb(personaId=GetAgent(field="id"), summary="summary text", facts=["2 times 2 equals four", "random fact"], name="Topic name", confidence="100", source="example", labels=["test", "sample"])}}

Check the AKB for a newly created topic with the details stated in the Skill Script.