Singleline Commenting

Commenting within the Skill Script is used to:

  • Explain a particular line of code.
  • Debug a line code to prevent it from executing, which is useful during testing.
  • Make code more readable by breaking it up and providing helpful notes and context.

A line of code can be commented out using the {{! This is a comment }} syntax.


{{set(name='agent_', value=GetAgent())}}  {{! Sets the name of the agent to the variable "agent_" }}

{{! set(name='user_', value=GetUser()) }}

{{set(name='memory', value=GetMemory(count=40, maxLen=20000))}}

{{! Brief bio of the agent and their role }}
You are a sales agent named {{agent_}} and work for a multinational corporation.



{{gen(name='RESULT', temperature=0.75)}}