Skills represent the logic of an agent (i.e., where you explain what the agent should do). Skills have various parameters/parts, such as:

  • Skill Script: The main text used to generate an LLM prompt using a combination of Actions, instructions, context information, and user-agent memory.
  • Result Variable Name: “RESULT” by default.
  • Result Action: You can set an action that should be performed as a result of the skill's action (i.e., do nothing or send to the default actor of the current person or save in a particular State Field.).
  • Event Subscription: Events to which this Skill is subscribed. Events are a service in the platform that links API calls from external systems and also determines the schedule of agent Skills calls over time.
  • Parameters: Named variables that can be passed to the Skill when called.
  • Gen/Select Functions: Return values of named variables.
  • LLM Model: The named model to be used within the Skill.
  • Runner Type: This is the “interpreter” of the Skill Script. Supported languages/syntaxes include Guidance, Exec, and LMQL.
  • Comments: Plain text used to make notes or explain sections within the Skill Script. These comments are ignored when the Skills Script is processed.