Newo Chat Integration

Unlike the Talking Head integration, which also includes a text-only option, the Newo Chat integration is only text. This integration enables a Digital Employee to communicate through a web chat.

Newo Chat Integration Settings

When communicating with the Newo Chat, you can type your messages or click the microphone icon to speak to your Newo Digital Employee. The Newo Chat integration uses the OpenAI API to convert your speech to text. For this to work, you need an OpenAI API key. Not sure where to find that? Not sure where to find that? Here’s a quick guide. Once you have the API key, follow the steps below within the Newo platform:

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page from the left-side panel.
  2. Click the gear icon on the "Newo Chat" item.
  3. Add your "OpenAI API Key."
  4. Click Save.

Create a Newo Chat Connector

  1. Click the plus icon on the "Newo Chat" item.
  2. Add a "Title" and "Idn." For example, "th_connector."
  3. Optional: Add a "Greeting Phrase." Although, this is recommended to welcome the user and provide some instructions on how to use the Newo Chat. For example, "Hello, what can I assist you with today?"
  4. For the "Auto Open After" value, you can specify a time in seconds, after which the Newo Chat will be opened automatically. Enter either:
    1. -1 = will never open automatically
    2. 0 = will open immediately
    3. 0 >= will open after N seconds. For example, adding "3" would open the Newo Chat after 3 seconds.
  5. Leave the "Widget Script" empty, as it will be generated automatically after running the connector. You will need this script to add the Newo Chat to your website.
  6. Leave the "Client Secret" empty, as it will be generated automatically after running the connector. The "Client Secret" is a key that is used to authenticate the Newo Chat widget with the Newo Chat backend.
  7. For the "Client Website Base URL," you’d want to first set up a demo environment, which you can do by entering the domain where you’ll have the Newo Chat, but with some slight modifications.
    1. Let’s say you want the Newo Chat to work on "".
    2. Add a "-" where there is a "." which, in this case, would be "https://newo-ai".
    3. Then add "" to the end.
    4. The final "Client Website Base URL" would be "".
  8. Add a "Color" in HEX (e.g., #FFFFFF), which is the color of the Newo Chat icon that will be on your website.
  9. Add an "Agent Name," which will be displayed at the top of the web chat window.
  10. Add an "Agent Picture URL" or leave it empty for the default picture. This picture is used to identify the Digital Employee the user is communicating with.
  11. Click Save.

Enable the Newo Chat Connector

Once a connector is created, you will need to click the Run button to enable the connector, which will also generate the "Widget Script" and "Client Secret" when you open the settings of the connector again.

Demo the Newo Chat

Testing and debugging are an essential part of the process of creating a Digital Employee. You can test the conversational skills within the Sandbox chat. However, you may want to see how the Newo Chat appears on your website without making it live. This is where a demo website comes in handy.

  1. Click the three dots icon on the right of the created connector.
  2. Click Edit Settings.
  3. Copy the "Client Website Base URL" and paste it into a new browser window/tab with the following additions:
    1. Add "/?client=" to the end.
    2. Copy the generated "Client Secret" and paste it at the end (e.g.,
    3. Add "&mode=newochat" to the end (e.g.,
  4. The entered URL will open your website with the Newo Chat icon at the bottom-right corner. You can now test out the functionality in this demo environment before going live.

Going Live! Add Code to a Website

  1. Click the three dots icon on the right of the created connector.
  2. Click Edit Settings.
  3. Change the “Client Website Base URL” to your website URL without the modifications made for the demo (e.g.,
  4. Copy the generated “Widget Script” to your clipboard and add it to your website's HTML code right before the end of the body tag.
  5. Ensure you Save the updated connector.
  6. Publish your website and ensure the Newo Chat icon appears at the bottom-right corner of your website.